What Is XFBall?


Excellent Floorball

XFBall is an educational social platform for coaches and players to create and view animated floorball plays and drills.

XFBall’s social network allows you to share your plays and drills with floorball players, teams and coaches, even parents and teachers, allowing them to be watched and learned before practice at home, a real time saver. Your players will then have more time for on-court practice, not standing around listening to instructions. 

All you need is a computer, a web browser, Internet access and a dose of imagination.

And best of all, it’s free!

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Using XFBall


If you're used to planning your training in advance, then XFBall's for you. Your plays and drills previously drawn on paper or on a white board, can now be shown in detail, each and every step, so that your players see exactly what they're supposed to do, in an easy-to-understand animated drill. 

Create drills at an easy, intermediate or advanced level. For ball handling, movement, passing, shooting, goalie training, defense or offense. Your imagination is the limit. All done in advance on your computer, shared publically or in private groups.

Create a private playbook for your team’s plays and drills, or your opponent’s game tactics, and then share with your team and coaches. Need inspiration for your next practice or game? Check out what other experienced coaches and players have shared!

Internationally floorball is developing and growing significantly. By following talented coaches all over the world, we can help and develop the game together!

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The Excellent Floorballers!


We're behind the ball...

Christer Olsson

From Örebro Sweden, Christer has been around floorball since the very beginning.

As a player he is proud to have represented Sweden. He was even selected as "player of the year" in 1987/88 in Sweden.

Olsson was the National Coach for Men's teams in Sweden (1991 - 1993) and Singapore (1998), and for the Norwegian women's team (2004 - 2005). Christer has worked as an international floorball instructor since 1991 in and full-time with elite development and education in Swedish Floorball Federation for five years. He has also trained many Swedish floorball teams up to the national series, including the Elitserien.

As an author Olsson co-wrote the book entitled "Innebandy" (1996).

In 2013 Olsson launched the platform XFBall to share drills and plays around the world.


Important partners

Some important people have made this possible. Especially Jerry Gray, who initially worked with day-to-day management of the website, including language support, back office and together with Chris, was marketing the site Internationally. Magnus Olsson and Nicklas Wiborg the developer who made the important parts of XFBall. In addition, it has passed several skilled developers and designers.

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Drills on XFBall.com created by XFBall instructors are from personal experience of training, games or published educational materials.

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