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Getting Started

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XFBall App — Help is available directly in the app under "Settings" (the gear symbol Gear Symbol).



XFBall Web — After you've taken a few moments to navigate around the XFBall site, you may still have some questions. Here's how you navigate our site, including more details about the functions.



Clicking on the menu ”HOME” returns you to your home feed.

• In your home feed you will see all your activities, like shared drills and messages. You can also see site news and blog posts. 


• A notification is displayed as a blue exclamation point on your Home tab. Notification Symbol
Notifications are color coded and will appear above your home feed as soon as someone sends you a message, sends a group request, follows you, you follow someone, you are approved for a group etc. Click on the notification text to read it. Remove a notification by clicking the X to the right. Use the ”CLEAR ALL” to remove all notifications. 

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Clicking on the menu ”CREATE” starts the XFBall Creater.

• Create, save and publish your own drills, up to five drills may be saved (public).
• As a XFBall Premium user, you may save an unlimited number of drills as private or public.

• There are five tabs for the various functions of Drill Creater.

• Here you can find our tutorial video section on how to create your own drills in the Drill Creator. Or watch them again to refresh your memory!

Even if XFBall is a simple to use educational platform, as a new user it may take some time to understand how to create your first drills. So before creating your own drills, we strongly suggest visitiing our turorial video section under the HELP tab. 

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Clicking on the menu ”DRILLS” displays all drills at 

• Choose which drills you want to display by clicking the heading Following, All, Yours or Playbooks:
Drill _list _bar 2-1

• Drills can be further sorted by: 
Drill List Bar2
You can even choose a specific drill Type (Technique, Ball handling, Goalie etc.)
or choose the Difficulty (Easy, Intermediate or Advanced).

• Edit your own drills by clicking on the gear symbol Gear Symbol in the bottom right corner. 
   Note: Editing drills created by someone else is not possible. 

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Clicking on the menu ”PLAYBOOKS” displays your playbooks.

• Click the link ”Create playbook” to create a new playbook.

• Click on the gear symbol to edit an existing playbook.

• Click on the X to edit an existing playbook. 

Playbook Functions

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Clicking on the menu ”GROUPS” shows all the groups you belong to, including your own.

• To find a group, you can search for a group using the search box.
• If you see an interesting group on another users profile, you can send a request to join the group.
• The group owner must first approve your request. 

The following functions require XFBall Premium.

• To create a group, click the link ”Create group”.

=> Get Premium to create more than one group!

• Any user may request to join your group.
• You can invite a specific user to join your group by sending a message to join your group, be sure to include the group name.
• Requests to join your group appear in your home feed.
• You may approve or deny the user request, which is done via Group:Member:Administrate.

• SHARE DRILLS TO GROUP: As group admin, you may share drills to a group, allowing all group members to view shared drills, either public or your own private drills.

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Anyone viewing your profile shows will see your profile picture and the social badge of your choosing, your profile info and your statistics: 

• How many persons you’re following Following Symbol 30Px

• How many followers you have Followers Symbol 30Px

• How many thumbs up you’ve given Thumbs Up Symbol

• How many groups you belong to Groups Symbol

• How many public drills you have Public Drills Symbol

• How many playbooks you have  Playbook Symbol2


Anyone clicking on your statistics will see:

• Who you are following
• Who is following you
• The drills you have given a thumbs up to
• Which groups you have created and which you belong to
• Your public drills

• Clicking on your social badge shows the badges you’ve been awarded Badge Symbol 30Px

• Anyone visiting your profile page may send you a message Write Message Symbol 30Px

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Settings2 (1)

Account — Here you change your password.

Edit Profile — Here you register your profile information, that is, what other users can read about you.

About — Here you can read about XFBall, getting started, Community Guidelines, Web Sites and Terms of Use.

Help — Here you can get help by reading our FAQ or viewing our instructional videos.

Logout — Click here if you log out.

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• While viewing any public shared drill or your own private drill, you can share it by clicking the share button. The following share options are available: 1) a share link, 2) Twitter, 3) Facebook, 4) XFBall Profile, 5) XFBall Grupp, 6) Playbook, and 6) Embed code. 

• When you first click on the share symbol, you'll create a share link. Copy and paste this link.

• Share directly to your Twitter or Facebook account of your choice.

• Save any drill, public or private, to your own playbook (requires Premium). You may both name and provide your own description of the drill, before saving it to your playbook.

• Share to your XFBall profile page or to group to which you’re a member. Don’t forget to add a comment to the shared drill.

• Share a drill via your blog or homepage, create an embed code.

Note: Drills cannot be shared while in the editing mode.

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For help in learning how to create drills, see our complete video tutorial. 

To view the video tutorials:

1) Click on the CREATE menu, on the main screen.



2) Click on the HELP tab, from within the drill creator.

Drill Creator Help New


Choose between over a dozen tutorial videos to learn how to use the XFBall drill creator.

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 "Frequently Asked Questions"

Here's a list of our most frequently asked questions:

Q: I didn't get an email after signing up?
A: Unfortunately some mailservers may handle the mail as spam, so check your spam folder.

Q: Why do I get ads even though I’m a Premium user?
A: Our goal is that as many people as possible can use XFBall, so we've priced Premium as low as possible. Therefore we need additional funding from ads. It's possible that in the future we'll have different premium subscriptions with no ads.

Q: Can I use my tablet or smart phone?
A: Yes, you can view drills with a browser, but not create drills.

Q: Will XFBall be creating an app?
A: We are planning for an app, but this will require additional investments.

Q: Can I download drills offline?
A: No, not currently. This will be possible in the XFBall app. 

Q: Can my private drills really not be viewed publically?
A: First, only XFBall premium members can save drills privately. Private drills can only be seen by the creator while logged in with the same profile. All drills shared in a group created by yourself (like your team) can be seen by all users in that group. Note that members can share your drills outside the group.

Q: Can I see whether someone is online or not? 
A: That's not technically possible at the moment. 

To find a group, you can use the XFBall search tool or look at what groups other users are members of. To do so, visit a profile, look in the sidebar for the group icon and click on it. Group members are not notified if a group is deleted.

Q: Can I invite members to a group?
A: Only group owners and administrators can invite and respond to group requests.

Q: Can I remove someone from a group?
A: Only group owners and administrators can remove members from a group.

Q: Can I delete a group?
A: Only the group owner can delete a group.  

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If you have not found the answer to your question after watching our videos or checking out our FAQ, then feel free to send us a message by sending us a e-mail at


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