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Get XFBall on your favorite mobile app device NOW!

We know many of you coaches, instructors and teachers have wanted to take XFBall with you to practice, to a meeting or to your classroom. Now you can easily take with you, your drills, your playbooks and your groups – with the XFBall mobile app! Available today for your iPad/iPhone on the App Store and for your Android tablets/phones on Google Play!

You'll find that most XFBall functions are free, such as: search and view drills, create a group, share a drill in social media, message service and notifications, just to name a few.

Buy XFBall Premium to open advanced functions like: create your own playbook, view drills offline, use of our new whiteboard, and create your own plays and drills here on our website.

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Curious about how the XFBall app looks?  

We've put together four demos showing the XFBall app in action (iOS). 

IFF drill 1 on iPad | IFF drill 2 on iPad | Whiteboard 1Whiteboard 2 | Whiteboard & Drill


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